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If you ask me about curtains.

Emma has been asking me for help choosing her curtains for a while. "They are the bane of my life", she jokes.

Then she explains: "Curtains are a long term investment. They are key to setting the mood of a room. You get them wrong and the whole scheme is ruined. You could go for neutral but I am not one for a "neutral mood". If I did go for a neutral colour then I would have to have a luscious, tactile fabric.".

I couldn't agree more, Emma. That's a good starting point! I am sure you will have magnificent curtains in your home!


Choosing curtains depends from lots of requirements. First, functional space requirements such as blinding, decorating, insulating. These are aspects to connect differently with type of opening: eg. drapes for doors, roman blinds or panel for window, mixed solutions for bay window, etc.

I would like to focus here on the aesthetic factor of each solution

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Sometimes curtains are the strength of the scheme. Another time they "are" the scheme.

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The proposal of curtain fabrics and solutions is endless. This is a selection of my favourites.

Designer Guild.

I love Designer Guild's choice of fabrics, its richness, transparencies, countless nuances and the infinite matching possibilities (floral, stripes, geometrical). I love its soft, modern romantic concept.

(click to enlarge)

Bauman Creation

The company is known for highly technical performances blinds.

But my selection here is to show its decorative feature.

(click to enlarge)

Nya Nordiska

Accessories can make the difference.

(click to enlarge)

'Desire' by Jessica Zoob for Black Edition

I would love building a space ... just to hang this curtains!

(click to enlarge)


This piece is not intended to offer a simple solution to those plagued by "Curtains problems" like Emma is. Kidding aside, I don't think a blog article could do that.

What I want to point out is that "talking about curtains" is not merely a matter of picking colours or patterns.

If you ask me about curtains be ready to set a proper design process in motion.

Thanks to Emanuela Puosi Dunsire.


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