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About me
I am an Architect and Designer with 18 years of experience in residential, commercial and mixed-use fields based in Hertfordshire.

I apply a strong design-based approach to my projects which include refurbishments, extensions, and new builds.

Since 2015 I work as Visiting Lecturer at the School of Creative Arts in Hertfordshire University where I teach Design and Technology disciplines in the Architecture and Interior architecture and design courses. 

I studied in an  Art School where I learned to design  "things" that get built. The practice in wood,  metal,  clay and modeling workshops, has founded my design detailing skill and settled a great fondness for materials,  technology, and industrial design.
Since then my love for arts has grown as well.

In 1998 I fully qualified as Architect. 

Between 2006  and 2012 I run my own design practice in partnership with NEO design. It was an architecture workshop where we have successfully worked alongside many developers, craftsmen, and creative people in residential, commercial project, in product and graphic design.

My aim is to find out beauty and quality by bringing out the aspirations of my clients and merging them with the places’ "vocations".

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